Patch Cord UTP Cat 6e COMMSCOPE (PN:1859251 - 5)

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Patch Cord UTP Cat 6e COMMSCOPE (PN:1859251 - 5) Part number: 1859251 - 5 Chiều dài : 1.5m, 2m, 3m, 5m, Unit : Sợi Body Features Cable Color Yellow Configuration Features Configuration Double-ended Keyed No Number of Positions 4-pair Number of Power Positions 0 Wiring Pattern T568B Dimensions Length 4.57 m | 15.00 ft Wire Size (CMA) .205 mm² | 24 AWG Industry Standards Flammability Rating Non-Plenum (CM Rated) Operation/Application Halogen Free No Packaging Features Packaging Method Bag Product Availability Region Asia Product Type Features Product Type Patch Cord System AMP NETCONNECT Assembly Type Plug to Plug Connector Type (End A) RJ45 Modular Plug Connector Type (End B) RJ45 Modular Plug Performance Category Category 6 Cable Assembly Category Industry Standard Shielded No Usage Conditions Operating Temperature Range -40 – 70 °C

Patch Cord UTP Cat 6e COMMSCOPE (PN:1859251 - 5)

Part number:   1859251 - 5


Chiều dài      :   1.5m, 2m, 3m, 5m, 


Unit                :    Sợi

Body Features  
Cable Color   Yellow
Configuration Features  
Configuration   Double-ended
Keyed   No
Number of Positions   4-pair
Number of Power Positions   0
Wiring Pattern   T568B
Length   4.57 m   |   15.00 ft
Wire Size (CMA)   .205 mm²   |   24 AWG
Industry Standards  
Flammability Rating   Non-Plenum (CM Rated)
Halogen Free   No
Packaging Features  
Packaging Method   Bag
Product Availability  
Region   Asia
Product Type Features  
Product Type   Patch Cord
Assembly Type   Plug to Plug
Connector Type (End A)   RJ45 Modular Plug
Connector Type (End B)   RJ45 Modular Plug
Performance Category   Category 6
Cable Assembly Category   Industry Standard
Shielded   No
Usage Conditions  
Operating Temperature Range   -40 – 70 °C